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May 19, 2022 - music vinyl

Wicked Sensation

Lynch Mob - Wicked Sensation

About a year and a half ago I wrote about the re-imagined Lynch Mob - Wicked Sensation album that came out. Recently I’ve been missing the original so I bought a copy of it from Amazon on vinyl. It sounds great and brings back all that nostalgia that I talk about from time to time. Listening to it on vinyl adds another layer of nostalgia to the whole experience.

From dusting the record off to placing the needle in the groove. There’s nothing like listening to physical media. I’m not going to try and convince you that it sounds better, but I am going to say that it feels more real. This record is released by FridayMusic and they took great care to ensure a great experience for the listener. The two album set comes in anti-static, anti-scratch liners. A very nice touch if I do say so myself. I typically take new records and put them in MoFi sleeves and then put the album cover inside a 4 mil dual pocket outer sleeve. It’s all very secure and the records will last forever this way.

Back to the album. There is nothing I can say about it that I haven’t said in the past. It has one of my all-time favorite songs on it called, “No Bed of Roses”. There isn’t a single track on it that is filler. It’s a great 60 minute listen. If you haven’t already heard it I recommend it. I’d say it’s some of George Lynch’s best work on guitar. Oni Logan has a great voice. Unlike the re-imagined version of the album the drums are not over the top.