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Jun 5, 2003 - Food

The Good Cookie by Tish Boyle

The Good Cookie by Tish Boyle is a book of cookie recipes. There are over 250 recipes from every type of cookie imaginable. The book is laid out into chapters of the different types of cookies with the first five chapters reserved for some great tips on equipment, ingredients, techniques and storage. There are two sections of full color photos with a listing of the cookie displayed and a page number with the recipe. Throughout the book there are tips for the newbie. I was a little confused why the author put the “Basic Recipes” last, but I’m sure she had a good reason for it. I did not read this book from cover to cover, but I did pick and choose different recipes to read for ideas. I first read the chocolate chip cookie recipe. Since chocolate chip cookies are my pride and joy I like to see how other people make theirs. Although she has a great suggestion of melting the butter first, you really have a very small window between undercooked and overcooked when doing this that I try not to follow that suggestion. All in all there were nine chocolate chip cookie recipes, but all of them are worth trying. Next I saw a photograph of “chocolate toffee brownie bites” and had to try them. These little morsels are incredible and very powerful for their tiny size. Basically it’s an individual sized brownie covered in a cream frosting with little toffee bits in it. The whole package is very well worth the effort. The frosting was a little thick on the ones I made, but they tasted very good. I’m afraid that I’ve kept this book for far too long and I will return it to Gaven very soon so that she has a chance to make some too. I will have to purchase this book, and I recommend it for anyone that likes to try new cookies.