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Jun 5, 2003 - Food

Mountain Dew Live Wire

Mountain Dew in an effort to glean a little more money out of consumer’s pockets has come out with a new flavor for the Summer of 2003 only. I quickly snatched up a few bottles of this beverage to test at home. I didn’t do the same number of tests on it as I did to 7-UP:dn-L. That’s because I didn’t like dn-L and was trying to find a way to make it work. In this case, not only was it good, but Leanne also liked it. She doesn’t like any Mountain Dew. Live Wire tastes like Orange Slice only with a little kick to it. That kick is probably there to mask the taste of caffeine. Being a Mountain Dew product there’s plenty of caffeine to keep me up most of the night. The little 20oz. bottles cost $0.79 at Safeway. I was at Albertson’s one day and they have the 2litre bottles for $0.79. As you can imagine I’ve stocked up enough to last until Mountain Dew comes out with a Winter Only beverage. I will be sad when the summer is over and I have to give up this new drink. It will be good while it lasts. In case you are wondering, I’ve been mixing in one shot of Bacardi O or one shot of Vodka to give it that adult kick that is sadly lacking in Mountain Dew beverages. The O may be over kill on the orange flavor, but I like it.